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Let's Get You Up There

Your satisfaction is our priority which is why we consider speed, efficiency and affordability when developing websites for our clients. We develop responsive websites along with a 99.9% up-time assurance which also includes maintenance and management to guarantee stunning results.

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We Build Apps

We have a team of specially trained professionals hired to please our clients. Our team is dedicated to developing apps that are user friendly, compact & efficient with optimum conservation of data. We offer maintenance services and management of these apps to ensure the best results.
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We handle Digital Markeing

At YDSN, we help you evolve as the world evolves carrying you along each and every step of the way, our services in digital marketing provides you with everything you need to imprint your business/organization in the digital space.


Our different packages cover Business development, digital marketing, and cyber security as well as website development, application development, graphics designs for big and small medium enterprises (SME).


Web development has grown from ordinary to extraordinary, lets help you get that cutting-edge website that performs for your business up and running.


Evolution has taken its toll on marketing, do not get left behind, put your business on the map with our help. Stay visible  to the entire world from one single spot.


Need an app developed to your specification? We’ve got you, we develop the best apps from Ecommerce to gaming to social media apps, just name it and it’s done


We offer special services in graphics  design including but not limited to Animations, 3D art, 3D Videos, Advert clips for both bills,  banners, bill boards and television, magazine designs.


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Hello, we care about your business and we are dedicated to see it grow which is why we work round the clock to provide you with the best results possible in all every service we render, we are a team of professionals, we do our best to be efficient and effective that is why we produce amazing results. Let Us Help You.

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Team Head: Justice

With many years of experience as a certified Google ambassador and an expert digital marketer and social media analyst; Mr. Justice leads the YDSN team with innovative and creative ways to solving all digital challenges, from full time digital marketing campaigns to tech support and solutions.

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Tech Supervisor: Mora

Mr. Mora Ajayi is our amazing creative director with years of experience in graphics design, on all platforms and packages, with great hands on in programming languages and software management. He also offers training in the field of Graphics and Animations.

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Digital Marketing: Aali

Our certified digital marketing expert; Miss. Aaliyah, provides a soothing look at how to handle the digital marketing space and utilize the best means of marketing your product or services to strategically meet your target market and audience with the best budget system.


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Content Creator: Mitchel

With great insight in people and market survey, our expert content manager, Miss. Mitchel; provides the best look at how to present your product or service to all your clients to ensure that your market sees and hears exactly what you intend them to, in other to provide the best.